The credit card processing generally is a frustrating process, for all sellers, especially for those with non-traditional stores. If you are one of those sellers, you probably know the struggle. You may not be able to use the known “hard-wired” credit card device and processing transactions with credit and debit cards can be a real challenge. This is one of the reasons why several companies have designed credit card devices and apps for smartphones. The process is so much easier and almost everyone can do it, it doesn’t require any special knowledge.

Credit Card Reading Devices

The credit card reading devices are known as “dongles”. It is a small piece of hardware that attaches to the smartphone and allows the app or the secure software application to do its job. There are some credit card readers that don’t actually require a physical hardware piece and others offer the option of adding a credit card number by swiping the credit card or manually.

We all know that the two most popular devices are iPhone and Android, and in this article, we are going to present you the best credit card reader for iPhone and Android or the most popular devices to use:


  • iPay POS: A versatile Point of Sale solution for all Apple devices including iTouch, iPad, and iPhone. This mobile processing solution offers access to various payment gateways, however, you will need a merchant account to start. The mobile application is free, but you will have to purchase a mag stripe reader and choose from a huge list of compatible card readers such as Daily Systems, uniMag, iMag, and the P25 Mi combination printer and reader.
  • Mobile Merchant Pro: This is another popular credit card processing solution and the best part is that it is compatible with the 3 most used mobile platforms – Apple, Android, and Blackberry. Mobile Merchant Pro requires a merchant account to start. Also, it is compatible with the globally known payment gateway Authorize.Net and PayPal Web Payments Pro.
  • MerchantWARE Mobile: Another credit card processing solution that is compatible with the 3 most popular smartphone platforms (Apple, Android, Blackberry) plus Windows phone. This solution comes with a free app, along with no extra fees, if you decide to create your own merchant account. You can easily process credit card with your Storm, Blackberry Curve, Bold, and Pearl, and the best part is that you can email the receipts to the customers.
  • Merchant On the Move: It allows you to accept credit and debit cards on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows or Palm by using a mag stripe reader and the other option is straightly keywing in the credit card number. Swiping the credit card comes with a lower transaction fee or 1.69% while the other way or entering the credit card numbers come with 2.2% fee and extra $0.30 per transaction. There is also a monthly fee or $24.95.
  • Intuit GoPayment – It is available for Android, Apple, and Blackberry. The pricing plan comes with two options – high-volume option that requires a monthly fee and pay-as-you-go for businesses with a low number of transactions. Both plans come with a free application and a credit card reader.

Credit Card Reader for Cellphones




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